Landed & Commercial Area Sari Padjajaran


This is one of the most complete business areas built by Permata Land Group. Located in a strategic area very close to SP Plaza, business centers and residential areas. Sari Padjajaran is perfect for business people who want to develop their business in a strategic area, which is easily accessible from the city center, government offices, industrial areas, and tourist destinations.

Sari Padjajaran Softhouse

Sari Padjajaran Softhouse Area

Sari Padjajaran is an integrated area consisting of 22 shophouse units with three-storey and two-storey types, as well as 80 housing units of type 54 and 36 with minimalist design, complete facilities, safe and comfortable to be inhabited by young harmonious couples, as well as energetic executives who have high mobility.

Sari Padjajaran Townhouse #1

Sari Padjajaran Townhouse #2

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